Hi Team –

Tom here with a quick update after the last set of tests.

We did the Brain MRI and CT Scan in the chest recently.

We got the results.

The lesions in the brain were deemed “Stable”. That means pretty much the same size as the previous MRI.

The most significant lesion in my left lung has had some growth or “progression”

Not exactly the news we were hoping for…. But the thinking is that the previous scans were from weeks before I began the new medication.

So, there may have been progression while on the old medication, and some reversion on the new.

The plan is to stay with this new medication and do scans again in mid-February.

The news isn’t great, but it could be worse.

Continue praying for good results from the medication and consistency in our state of mind.

Asking God for improvement and trusting His wisdom for the outcome, whatever that may bring.

Please also continue praying for my Mom. As noted below, her lung cancer has returned after 30 years in remission.

The docs need to find her records from the original radiation treatments, in order to treat her safely at this time.

We’ll check in after the next round. Keep the faith and keep the prayers coming…

Blessings to all,


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Hi everyone.

I hope everyone had a joyous Christmas season and is anticipating a better 2021

I have a couple of quick notes and ask for your continued prayerful support.

Regarding the lesions found on my brain, I’ve been taken a new medication for 4 weeks. This one has shown to be effective at resolving appearances in the brain.

Today I will travel to MD Anderson for scans tomorrow. We’ll do blood work, chest CT scan and brain MRI.

We will find the results tomorrow afternoon with a discussion with the MDA team.

We are praying for a clean brain scan and a reduction in the other areas as well.

Aside from that I would ask your indulgence and prayer for another item.

My mother was diagnosed with Lung Cancer around 1987. She has been clear for 30 years.

In the last weeks, she has had a reappearance. She will be undergoing a biopsy tomorrow in Tyler.

A previous test tested positive in another area of the lung.

I would ask that you pray for a) a non-cancer result in this 2nd test area, and b) effective treatment of the 1st area in the coming weeks.

I won’t give you her age, likely she would kill me if it got back to her that I did. She is older than me and I’ll be 61 this year.,,

Thank you for your continued support and prayers throughout all of this.

I’ll close with a reiteration of what God put on my heart initially:

The specific requests that God has placed on my heart are as follows:

· God will be glorified in some way through all of this

· Complete healing, with no signs of disease remaining

· Mental Strength, Peace of Mind, and Acceptance of God’s will for Lisa and I as we walk through this together

· Wisdom in all decision making

· Physical relief from pain and discomfort

· Blessings for all that have and will be touched, and have extended their prayers of support (this includes each of you)

Bless you all,


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Hey Guys –

Its only been a few days since we last checked in, but have some important information.

As you recall, Lisa and I went to Houston last week to screen for and initiate participation in a stem cell clinical trial.

On the day before Thanksgiving, I had an MRI brain scan.

Unfortunately, the results showed a number of small lesions that have developed there as well.

Obviously, this was very disturbing news. Further, I am not currently a candidate to participate in the stem cell study, due to entrance criteria.

We had planned to celebrate Thanksgiving with our oldest, Shelbi, who lives in Houston.

All the other kids had come down to join in.

We were able to have a great time together, with just the six of us together after a very long time. It was a rich time.

Naturally, the holidays disrupt analysis and treatment process. Unfortunately, this was the same thing when first diagnosed last year, going into Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The typical treatment for brain lesions includes radiations, with a couple of types being used.

We had a call with our MD Anderson oncologist on Monday. She buoyed our spirits a bit by letting us know one of the oral chemo medications has shown very effective at resolving them as well.

This particular medication would be our likely next course of orals anyway. She outlined a process whereby we could take the new medication and watch closely, scanning for 4 weeks.

If there is reduction and resolution, we could avoid radiation potentially. That’s what we’re hoping for.

Tomorrow I have consults with the oncologist here at UT Southwestern, as well as Radiological specialist from MD Anderson.

As you continue to pray for Lisa and I, I would ask that you pray for good results, less invasive and effective treatments.

I would also ask that we have peace and strength during this journey. Our kids are also having difficulty as you can imagine.

Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers.


For those of you that have just joined, you can see the previous notes detailing our journey by reading bottom up.

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