UPDATE November 20, 2020

Hi Team,

Tom here with the most recent news.

First, welcome and thanks to those recently joined the prayer support team.

A couple of things:

As you may recall, I’ve been having CT scans to track effectiveness of the treatment on a quarterly basis.

My most recent scan was done in the last few days of October.

I’m a bit late getting this report out to you, partially because I don’t have great news to share.

After a number of scans showing reduction and significant improvement, this time wasn’t the same.

On the sites located in my lung, we saw enlargement, or progression of the disease.

The other sites appear to be static, but the lunch is original site.

The meaning of this is that the current oral chemotherapy medication is now working.

Either my body had grown resistant to it, of the cancer is adapting and changing again to survive. ☹

After such good success for the past 6 months, I was very disappointed in this outcome.

We had expected and hoped for this first line treatment to last much longer. Not to be I guess.

Ironically, it was almost exactly 1 year ago that I got my first diagnosis. Here we are gong into another holiday season with this hanging over us.

There are other treatments available, including other orals and chemotherapy.

We have been accepted into two clinical trials and will be participating.

I’ve mentioned the one before that is done at MD Anderson. This is to basically extract my own immunity cells, strengthen them, then return them back to me.

That process takes place over many weeks from end to end. We will start the beginning stages next week.

Lisa and I will be traveling to Houston next week, and will be there for 8 days. We’ll be able to spend time with my daughter Shelbi that lives there, which will be great.

The other kids will also be coming down to Houston so we’ll all be together on Thanksgiving.

I’ll have medical appointments Mon, Tue and Wed, then the following Monday as well.

One of those procedures is to do another brain scan. One specific prayer request I would have for you is to pray that nothing travels to the brain, and its clean.

The other clinical trial will be conducted here in Dallas at UT Southwestern. Its basically doing more genetic testing on the new iteration of the cancer.

They look for genetic markers to match up with the most effective drugs, based on the profile.

These take some of the sting out of the bitter disappointment of the first drug’s failure, but frankly not a lot.

We know that God is still in control regardless of the outcome or results along the way.

He has impressed upon me one message that I am working to maintain and hold on to.

“Peace, Be still and know that I am God”

We covet your continued prayers along this road.

We ask specifically for peace and trust in Him, as well as good test results and complete healing.

Thank you for all your support.


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