UPDATE May 6, 2020

Hello All –

Tom here with an update.

You may recall from the previous note that we had the some significant events upcoming.

We had scheduled the first CT Scan after taking the Oral Chemo medication, followed by a consultation with the Oncologist a few days later.

We did get the CT Scan done on April 30th, which was 49 days after I began taking the medication.

This week we were able to have a tele-visit with the Doctor. We learned some things we didn’t know as well as getting the results of the scan.

What we didn’t’ know:

Apparently in addition to cancer lesions in my lung and in my lymph nodes, there were also spots on my liver, spleen and bone.

This was a bit disturbing to learn. However, in the context of the results and findings, not as bad as you might think.

The description she used to describe the effectiveness of the drug: I’ve had some wonderful results, with fast and significant reduction in the cancer appearances.

The spots on the spleen are the same size and appear to be cysts, and are therefore not of concern.

The instances in the bone were small and have essentially been calcified in reaction to the drug. This means that these are not a great concern at this point.

The single spot on the liver, in addition to the presence in lynph nodes and lung are substantially reduced in size.

She had specific measurements that approximate a 30% reduction in size. That’s a great result in only 7 weeks !

We’re definitely going the right direction.

I continue to tolerate the medication well and will continue taking it going forward.

We will add a bone agent to help strengthen the bone. This is not cancer specific drug but one that improves health of the bone.

This is more of an effort to improve health as a defense rather than a direct cancer treatment. I also continue to exercise and take steps to improve overall health.

God has been gracious in permitting this type of an improvement. We’re grateful and our attitude continues to be very positive.

We’re thankful for the results and hopeful for continued improvement.

Going forward, I will get another CT Scan done in 3 months and again assess the change to baseline and previous scan.

There are a couple of other minor considerations and details, but essentially, we’re on a good track and want to continue to see progress to complete eradication.

We’re so thankful for all the support, prayers and encouraging notes from you all.

With Gratitude,


Prior updates are below, if you’re new to the team/distro

As a reminder, my core original prayer requests are:

  1. Pray and ask God specifically for the items I’ve identified below

  2. Pray consistently three times each day – if possible at the times listed below

8:00 or 9:00 AM 3:00 or 4:00 PM 9:00 or 10:00 PM

The specific requests that God has placed on my heart are as follows:

· God will be glorified in some way through all of this

· Complete healing, with no signs of disease remaining

· Mental Strength, Peace of Mind, and Acceptance of God’s will for Lisa and I as we walk through this together

· Wisdom in all decision making

· Physical relief from pain and discomfort

· Blessings for all that have and will be touched, and have extended their prayers of support (this includes each of you)

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