UPDATE January 23, 2021

Hi Team –

Tom here with a quick update after the last set of tests.

We did the Brain MRI and CT Scan in the chest recently.

We got the results.

The lesions in the brain were deemed “Stable”. That means pretty much the same size as the previous MRI.

The most significant lesion in my left lung has had some growth or “progression”

Not exactly the news we were hoping for…. But the thinking is that the previous scans were from weeks before I began the new medication.

So, there may have been progression while on the old medication, and some reversion on the new.

The plan is to stay with this new medication and do scans again in mid-February.

The news isn’t great, but it could be worse.

Continue praying for good results from the medication and consistency in our state of mind.

Asking God for improvement and trusting His wisdom for the outcome, whatever that may bring.

Please also continue praying for my Mom. As noted below, her lung cancer has returned after 30 years in remission.

The docs need to find her records from the original radiation treatments, in order to treat her safely at this time.

We’ll check in after the next round. Keep the faith and keep the prayers coming…

Blessings to all,


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