UPDATE January 12, 2021

Hi everyone.

I hope everyone had a joyous Christmas season and is anticipating a better 2021

I have a couple of quick notes and ask for your continued prayerful support.

Regarding the lesions found on my brain, I’ve been taken a new medication for 4 weeks. This one has shown to be effective at resolving appearances in the brain.

Today I will travel to MD Anderson for scans tomorrow. We’ll do blood work, chest CT scan and brain MRI.

We will find the results tomorrow afternoon with a discussion with the MDA team.

We are praying for a clean brain scan and a reduction in the other areas as well.

Aside from that I would ask your indulgence and prayer for another item.

My mother was diagnosed with Lung Cancer around 1987. She has been clear for 30 years.

In the last weeks, she has had a reappearance. She will be undergoing a biopsy tomorrow in Tyler.

A previous test tested positive in another area of the lung.

I would ask that you pray for a) a non-cancer result in this 2nd test area, and b) effective treatment of the 1st area in the coming weeks.

I won’t give you her age, likely she would kill me if it got back to her that I did. She is older than me and I’ll be 61 this year.,,

Thank you for your continued support and prayers throughout all of this.

I’ll close with a reiteration of what God put on my heart initially:

The specific requests that God has placed on my heart are as follows:

· God will be glorified in some way through all of this

· Complete healing, with no signs of disease remaining

· Mental Strength, Peace of Mind, and Acceptance of God’s will for Lisa and I as we walk through this together

· Wisdom in all decision making

· Physical relief from pain and discomfort

· Blessings for all that have and will be touched, and have extended their prayers of support (this includes each of you)

Bless you all,


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