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UPDATE: February 20, 2021

Hi Team:

Like many of you, we’ve spent the last several days frozen over.

We’re beginning to get back to normal, but the power and utility disruption made it difficult.

That is true for the calls and appointments we were trying to have with the medical team.

MD Anderson was shut down almost entirely for 2 days. However, we were ultimately able to have consultation with our oncologist, Dr, Tsao.

The results of my scans showed that the lesions in the brain are slightly smaller. Great news! That means the medication is working there.

The bad news is that the cancer in my lung and liver area are slightly larger. So, we’re getting mixed results of this medication.

We have a plan which includes continuing on the medication for the brain improvement.

In addition, I will undergo radiation treatments to address growth in the Lung. The regimen will continue daily for 3 weeks and will start on March 1st.

Monday I’ll be down to get prepped for the treatment to start, then the following Monday is the 1st.

The procedures take less than an hour and I will continue working around my appointments.

I’ll be looking for a place to rent for March and will stay in Houston. Lisa will spend some time in and out with me.

We have a plan, and that’s half the battle.

Your continued prayers for effectiveness of the treatments is greatly appreciated.

Another bit of good news. Many of you know my mom and I shared with you here about her recent recurrence of cancer.

She was able to have surgery rather than undergo radiation. The surgery was several days ago, was successful and she is recovering nicely.

For those of you that know here you know that means she’s back to snapping things in order.. Thank God for her good results.

We’ll stay in touch.

Thank you for your support.


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