UPDATE: Feb 22, 2020

Lisa and I have an update to share regarding my condition… and its good news !! (feels like the first time we’ve received good news )

Today Lisa and I met with the Oncologist at UT Southwestern. We were quite impressed and appreciated her honesty and sense of urgency.

Given that we still didn’t have any genetic testing results, she outlined treatment options that we could begin, then pivot if any of the tests came back positive.

The options we discussed included the Immunotherapy that we HAD researched and found as the leading best option (not the one the MD Anderson had recommended ☹ )

Or… that same immunotherapy combined with 2 chemo drugs for a variety of reasons. It was really encouraging to see her recommendation match up with the volume of research we have done.

Lisa and I came out feeling for the first time that we may have a plan to go forward with.

We let her know that we would discuss it tonight and advise tomorrow regarding our choice, then we would start treatment next Friday or the following Monday.

So, we’re feeling pretty good about it, and had reached a point of acceptance of what we need to do in order to begin healing.

Then a couple of hours later, I received a call from MD Anderson.

The MD Andersson person called to let me know that I TESTED POSITIVE FOR THE ALK GENETIC MUTATION!

This is really big news. This is not the BEST of the mutations to test positive for (EGFR), but definitely exciting news and an improvement !!!

This changes the treatment plan completely and improves the prognosis.

The treatment plan for the ALK mutation includes an oral, pill based drug – no chemo, and much less significant side effects.

We’ll likely talk with the Doc at UT Southwestern tomorrow about the possibility of pairing with Immunotherapy or not, or other potential variations.

Either way this is exciting news and an answered prayer for sure.

Thank you for you continued diligence in lifting us up to the Lord for the 6 core prayer requests.

  • God will be glorified in some way through all of this

  • Complete healing, with no signs of disease remaining

  • Mental Strength, Peace of Mind, and Acceptance of God’s will for Lisa and I as we walk through this together

  • Wisdom in all decision making

  • Physical relief from pain and discomfort

  • Blessings for all that have and will be touched, and have extended their prayers of support (this includes each of you)

In many ways, this feels like the first bit of good news we have had, so we are so grateful.

With gratitude for all your prayers and support,


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