UPDATE December 1, 2020

Hey Guys –

Its only been a few days since we last checked in, but have some important information.

As you recall, Lisa and I went to Houston last week to screen for and initiate participation in a stem cell clinical trial.

On the day before Thanksgiving, I had an MRI brain scan.

Unfortunately, the results showed a number of small lesions that have developed there as well.

Obviously, this was very disturbing news. Further, I am not currently a candidate to participate in the stem cell study, due to entrance criteria.

We had planned to celebrate Thanksgiving with our oldest, Shelbi, who lives in Houston.

All the other kids had come down to join in.

We were able to have a great time together, with just the six of us together after a very long time. It was a rich time.

Naturally, the holidays disrupt analysis and treatment process. Unfortunately, this was the same thing when first diagnosed last year, going into Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The typical treatment for brain lesions includes radiations, with a couple of types being used.

We had a call with our MD Anderson oncologist on Monday. She buoyed our spirits a bit by letting us know one of the oral chemo medications has shown very effective at resolving them as well.

This particular medication would be our likely next course of orals anyway. She outlined a process whereby we could take the new medication and watch closely, scanning for 4 weeks.

If there is reduction and resolution, we could avoid radiation potentially. That’s what we’re hoping for.

Tomorrow I have consults with the oncologist here at UT Southwestern, as well as Radiological specialist from MD Anderson.

As you continue to pray for Lisa and I, I would ask that you pray for good results, less invasive and effective treatments.

I would also ask that we have peace and strength during this journey. Our kids are also having difficulty as you can imagine.

Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers.


For those of you that have just joined, you can see the previous notes detailing our journey by reading bottom up.

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