UPDATE August 12, 2020

Hello All –

Tom here with an update on our cancer journey.

I hope you all are holding up well amid the various covid-related restrictions and limitations.

We are doing well and have some good news to share.

Last week I had my second CT scan after being on the oral chemo medication.

At that time, I had been on the meds for 145 days. I also continue taking the injections to strengthen bones, every 3-4 weeks.

I am still tolerating both of those treatments well, with no real side effects.

As to the results of the scan, we continue to see improvement in the appearances in almost all locations.

Most noteworthy, the changes to the largest lesion are dramatic.

This is the one that we saw first, located in my left lung. Originally it measured 37 millimeters, roughly 1.5 inches in length.

In the scan last week, that one is not discernable at all! We couldn’t see it anywhere.

Other good improvements include liver lesions reducing from 22 mm to 7 mm, 24 mm to 17 mm and another one that was 12 mm that is not identifiable.

This is really great news. The only areas not seeing that type of response is in the lymph nodes.

We believe this is due to the function that lynph nodes serve, as a transport system around the body.

Therefore, it stands to reason that as long as thee is disease anywhere, it will show up in the nodes.

Anyway, the lymph nodes remain about the same size, with one increasing slightly. All are in the 10 – 16 mm range.

We continue to thank God for the results and remain optimistic about the future.

In addition to these good results, a few weeks ago I was accepted into a clinical trail at MD Anderson.

The trial is not something that we would pursue until/if the current treatments cease to be effective.

The treatment involves taking, then producing/treating specific types of cells from my blood.

After the production of the serum, they would be reinjected back into my body. The serum could be stored for up to two years before use.

In discussions with both MD Anderson and UT Southwestern doctors, we agreed that we will wait a while to harvest the blood and begin the process.

So, essentially, this is a backup plan. Of course our prayer is that the backup plan will not be needed

Thank you all for the support, prayers and words of encouragement that you have been.

We continue to be humbled by the outpouring of love we experience from you all, and from our Father.

We should be touching base again in about 3 months, when the next scan is scheduled.

If anything changes that disrupts our schedule I’ll let you know.

Blessings to you all,


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