Feb Pre-Test UPDATE

Hi Team –

Tom Here with a quick update.

Testing to be done here at MD Anderson today and tomorrow. We will get the results pretty quickly. Expect to have some information tomorrow about efficacy of the new medication that I’ve been on for a number of weeks now.

Specific areas of prayer requests that I would ask of you:

  • The lesions in the brain are completely resolved with no evidence remaining

  • Lesions in other parts of the body are substantially reduced.

Pretty short list

I also wanted to share a little bit about the journey that I’m on mentally and spiritually. Surely, days come and go that are better or worse than others. Regardless of the type of storm one passes through, one must have an anchor to hold onto, lest they get swept away. There are a number of passages and bible parables that I could share that are meaningful to me. At the core of what I hold onto follows. Perhaps you’ll find it useful when you face a storm of your own…

God is ultimately Sovereign –

This means that He is able to do anything. He spoke the universe into creation. What can be too difficult for him?

God is infinitely Good –

This means He will do what’s best for us, even when we don’t agree. He have a better, more informed purpose and acts accordingly, like we do with our children. Our kids often do not get what they want because we know what’s best for them. Which brings us to….

God’s absolute Wisdom –

Because God is eternal, He has always been, and will always be, and He is never changing. He knows what lies around the bend for all of us, individually and collectively. We don’t get to know the answers to many questions. Why did this happen? Someday I will get the answer to that question, but not yet.

Because of Gods Sovereignty, Goodness and Wisdom, I can move forward to the things that lie ahead. The test results that I receive in the next two days may or may not be what I hope for. Whatever they show, I can accept them and move forward knowing that my Heavenly Father is Good, that He has a plan, and that He will carry that out, whatever my part is in that plan.

I will share one reference, in the book of Job, after Job has lost all of his worldly possessions, and family, he is encouraged to ‘curse God and die’. He responds with ‘though He slay me, yet will I praise Him’. Job understood the source of life and hope and all that is good.

Likewise, I say though He may slay me, yet will I praise Him. He is the source of my life and my hope.

Be blessed,


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